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Drive your sales, connect with your channel, convert more, and increase sales productivity and outreach. SalesAction provides you with a complete channel management solution
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With a suite of productivity-boosting tools for every part of the sales cycle. SalesAction has all the tools and integrations you need to deliver and drive your sales efforts.
Sales Productivity
Email Campaign

Lead Engagement

Turbo charge outreach, convert leads, and prove ROI with our prospecting and outbound toolset. SalesAction's Chrome extension works with industry-leading tools such as Linkedin Sales Navigator,, and Zoominfo to simplify lead prospecting. Prospect at lightning speed by automatically scanning and saving leads that can be emailed or called straight away.
Lead Engagement

Simplify Channel Management

SalesAction is a platform that connects and facilitates partner and vendor collaboration around particular go-to-market sales activities.
SalesAction is unique as it is the first platform in the channel that presents a sales workflow to both parties that is easy to consume and integrate without compromising the existing sales process.
Channel Management

Analytics & Reporting

Analyse & Report at every stage to stay on top of deals, leads, sales activity, email campaigns, and content. SalesActions provides comprehensive reports for partners, distributors, and vendors with collaborative features enabling support throughout the eco-system
SalesAction has massively helped my productivity, and I can measure results. I've achieved so much that I have been promoted due to the results of using SalesAction. CEO wants the whole team on it.
Keith Roberts Account Manager, Cyclotron

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