Make managing your channel a breeze

As a vendor, understanding partner performance is vital for a successful channel. With our sale enablement and engagement toolset, vendors can efficiently distribute leads and content, collaborate on deal strategy, provide solution expertise and support the partner through the opportunity cycle.
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Connection Marketplace

SalesAction takes the hassle out of connecting and onboarding partners. Don't want to be listed in our public marketplace? No problem, SalesAction supports private connections. Vendors, Distributors and Partners can all easily connect to one another via our connections marketplace.
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Lead Distribution

Quickly distribute leads to your connected partners. If you have one of our supported CRM integrations, we can automatically pull in new leads and distribute the leads based on industry and location through our lead routing and lead profile system.

Content Library

Want to distribute new marketing collateral or an email template for a campaign? SalesAction's publishing capabilities provide simple content creation and distribution. With our content library, you can create and share Playbooks, Insights, Email Templates and Documents with your connected partners.


Create sales drives and have partners compete for rewards and prizes. Sponsoring games is a great way to incentivize your channel sales teams. Everyone wants to win, and with SalesAction, everyone does.