Lead Engagement

SalesAction provides tools that allow you to manage your leads and contacts effectively. Launch campaigns, track engagement, filter, follow-up and funnel outbound and inbound sales operations.
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Email Campaigns

Launch email campaigns with automated funnelling features to improve lead quality. Filter out cold leads and use the automated response functionality to send follow-ups. SalesAction's powerful and easy-to-use email builder allows you to create beautiful email templates for your sales team that can be shared across campaigns.
Email Campaign

Lead Prospecting

SalesAction's Chrome extension works with industry-leading tools such as Linkedin Sales Navigator, Seamless.ai, and Zoominfo to simplify lead prospecting. Prospect at lightning speed by automatically scanning and saving leads that can be emailed or called straight away.


SalesAction's inbuilt dialer provides the fastest way to power through a call list with minimal setup and the ability to record calls for future playback. Be well prepared for your calls by attaching relevant content from your content library.
CRM integrations

CRM Integration

Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and Dynamics allow you to import leads, sync changes and log engagements. Our automatic import feature means that leads created in your supported CRM will always be created in SalesAction and be assigned to the best salesperson by our intelligent profile matcher.