Sales Productivity

At the heart of SalesAction are our sales productivity tools. Create and track deal performance, solve potential issues before they arise, and keep your sales pipeline on track.
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Deal Management

SalesAction's deal pipeline provides you and your sales team with everything they need to successfully close more deals. Reporting gives oversight to forecasting and deal closures. Smart alerting and triggers can warn you ahead of time about deals that are at risk.

Content Library

Support your sales team with your content library giving them access to Products, Playbooks, Email Templates, Insights and Documents at their fingertips, so they are better prepared for sales activities.


Build a series of steps across a timeline to funnel leads or contacts through a sequence of manual or automated touchpoints. Touchpoints can be tasks or actions which drive engagement with a prospect to establish a connection and keep the sale moving forward


Automatically change statuses, reassign leads, create activities, notify teams member, send follow-ups and update records based on the actions of your sales team. Triggers can be set up based on time delay or action outcomes to simplify the sales teams day to day sales operations.